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Refund Policy

Effective as of March 25, 2022

The Writing Element is committed to providing high quality services to our clients. However, we understand that things do happen which may necessitate a refund. This page outlines our Refund Policy ("refund policy") which forms part of our terms.

We reserve the right to make changes to our refund policy without notice. Any changes we make to our refund policy will take effect as soon as we publish it and the effective date will be stated on top of this page.

1. Requesting a refund


1.1 When requesting a refund, state the reason(s) for the refund and attach the invoice. A refund request must be submitted within seven days after the delivery date of your project to be considered by The Writing Element. After the seven day period, we reserve the right not to grant a refund.

1.2 It may take some time for you to receive a refund, if eligible, due to the payment provider or financial institution processing the refund. We are not responsible for any delays or fees incurred by you during the refund process.


2. Cancellation of order


2.1 If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us via the contact form on our website, email or live chat. When contacting us, ensure to state the tracking number for the order you are cancelling which is located in the top-right corner of the invoice.

2.2 If you cancel your order, you may be refunded:

  • 100% of your initial payment if you cancelled your order before we assigned one of our staff members to your project

  • 60% of your initial payment if less than half the time has passed between the commencement date and delivery date

  • 40% of your initial payment if more than half the time has passed between the commencement date and delivery date

  • Up to 30% of your initial payment if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your project or the staff member assigned was at fault for the late delivery (please note: late deliveries do not apply to revisions)

2.3 You may be eligible for up to 20% of your initial payment if we cancel your order because you violated any of our terms which consist of Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy and Consultation Policy

2.4 You cannot cancel your order the day before the delivery date, on the delivery date or after the delivery date. In this case, we advise you to request a revision or a refund.


3. Cases for no refund


We will not be liable and will not provide a refund under the following circumstances:

  • you did not provide clear instructions for your project or was unresponsive to questions that would contribute to the desired outcome of your project

  • you did not confirm receipt of your project within seven days after it was delivered

  • you agreed to extend the delivery date and/or commencement date because you had submitted additional instructions or a change of instructions

  • we were unable to verify that you made a payment to us

  • you did not provide any reasons or evidence to support your refund or revision request within seven days after the delivery date

  • you were unresponsive or uncooperative during the revision period

  • if you filed a chargeback

  • You paid a fee for scheduling consultation that you rescheduled or cancelled twice (refer to 1.2 of the Consultation Policy)

  • As per 6.1 in our Terms and Conditions, additional compensation will be required if you request any major changes to the details/instructions of your project. This additional compensation is non-refundable. All refunds are calculated based on your initial payment for your project.

4. Excess payment


4.1 If you were charged more than once for the same order, contact us via email immediately and attach the receipts for the original and excess payments. You will be refunded the full amount of the extra payment once it has been verified by us. 

4.2 If you have unknowingly placed the same order more than once, we will refund the payment for the extra order based on 2.2 above.

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