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Job Hunting Can Be Exhausting: It’s Time For Something Different

Updated: Feb 2

Recruiters ghosting you and several rejection letters later, you’re exhausted. I get it because I can still remember the dreaded phrase:

 “At this time, we have decided to move forward with other candidates for this role”. 

Job hunting can be exhausting and time consuming. Over and over the same empty responses that jab at your heart a little more each time they come in. All of these rejection letters can begin to impact how you see and value yourself especially if you’ve been job hunting for months. So, what’s next? 

You are talented. 

Tap into your God given gifts and talents. Think about what you do really well that others can attest to. Is it cooking, sewing, graphic designing, cleaning or teaching? This list isn’t exhaustive but think about the skills you have that you can monetize. If you have absolutely concluded that for some reason you have no skills to offer the world then think about a problem that you’re facing other than being jobless. A problem that you can come with a solution for and market it to the world.

A perfect example is Jasmine Taylor who turned her $1,200 stimulus check into an $850,000 business. Her story exemplifies how diamonds are made under pressure. Being jobless and in crushing student loan debt, Jasmine started looking for ways to budget which led her to cash stuffing. The then 31 year old, discovered that her social media audience loved it and she decided to make a business out of it. 

Don’t write off small ideas

I must confess that if I had come across the idea to start a cash stuffing business, I would have said NO WAY. Does that even make money? Would anybody buy a wallet with labels inside from me? But guess what? You never know until you try and you’d be surprised. This applies even to the most mundane things that you think people wouldn’t pay for but the right audience will. 

Of course, you might not make $1000 or even $100 in your first week of business but remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and it’s better than getting nothing. You also have one of the greatest tools of advertisement ever made by mankind and that’s social media. If you already have a social media presence like Jasmine did, then congratulations you’re off to a great start. Promote that business like your life depends on it. But if you’re just joining the social media club or have a minimal presence, it’s time to amp things up and share with a friend who shares with a next friend and so on. 

Learn and grow along the way

How could I forget the College of YouTube, lol, where you can learn anything for free. So, if you’re not entirely sure about how to get your business on track or would like to hone your skills, there are plenty of videos out there to choose from. Please remember that things do take time but persistence pays off. It may take some trial and error too, and that’s okay because life is never a straight line. The most important thing is that you’re learning and growing as you go along… and making some money too 😉 All the best!


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