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Virtual Assistant Pricing Plans

Find one that works for you. The price of each plan is for 40 hours.

  • Social Media Admin

    Every week
    Social media management of up to three platforms
    • Research content for social media posts
    • Create and schedule social media posts
    • Up to three posts per day on each platform
    • Update social media profiles
    • Engage the audience by responding to comments and messages
    • Facilitate contests and giveaways
    • Track performance analytics
  • Executive Admin

    Every week
    Perfect for small to large business owners
    • Email Management
    • Calendar Management
    • Make booking and travel arrangements
    • Create presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Prepare reports and memos
    • Manage electronic filing system
    • Answer phone calls and take messages
  • Customer Service Rep

    Every week
    Customer service support for businesses
    • Manage calls and customer queries
    • Troubleshoot problems and offer solutions
    • Help customers with placing orders and refunds
    • Promote company's brand and products
    • Maintain customer records
    • Escalate unresolved issues to relevant person
    • Gather and analyze customer feedback
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