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  • How do I place an order?
    Click the "Get Started" button on our website which will take you to our Quote Form. Fill out the form, click submit and we will send you a quote within 24 hours. However, receiving a quote may be delayed if we need more information about your project to determine the right price. Once you receive the quote and accept it, an invoice will be sent to you. Success! Your order has been placed.
  • How can I track the progress of my order?
    We strongly encourage all our clients to schedule a consultation to view the progress of their project and suggest updates in real-time. We find that instructions are better articulated when spoken than written. The best part is... it's FREE!!! To schedule a consultation, you need to create an account or log in if you have an existing account. For new clients just signing up, all new accounts go through an approval process before you are able to log in. Please review our Consultation Policy before scheduling a consultation.
  • How do I make changes to my order?
    You can submit changes to your order by contacting us via our contact form or email. Depending on the type of change being made to your order, additional compensation may be required before completing your project (see 6.1 in our Terms and Conditions).
  • Can someone else on your team work on my project?
    Sure, you can request for a different staff member to work on your project by contacting us. Please be sure to state the reason for the switch and your order tracking number.
  • How will I receive my project?
    You will receive your project via the email you provided on the quote form. Therefore, please ensure that the provided email address is current and accurate. If you would like your project delivered to a different email address, please notify us before the delivery date. For our virtual assistant service, please be guided by the contract and contact us if you need any assistance.
  • My project was late or wasn't delivered, what do I do?"
    If you are not in receipt of your project within 24 hours after the delivery date, please check your spam or junk mail. If that fails, reach out to us! For more information, please see 7.1 in our Term and Conditions.
  • I'd like a refund, what do I do?"
    Before requesting a refund, you have the option to have your project revised if you are not satsified. Please see 8 in our Terms and Conditions for more information on revisions. If you really want a refund, contact us using our contact form or via email. You can also review our Refund Policy to determine if you are eligible for a refund.
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