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Consultation Policy

Effective as of March 25, 2022

Where applicable, we encourage our clients to schedule a consultation to see the progress of their project and make suggestions in real time. Consultations also allow our staff members and clients to develop rapport which forms the foundation of a meaningful professional relationship.


This page outlines our Consultation Policy ("consultation policy") which forms part of our terms. We reserve the right to make changes to our consultation policy without notice. Any changes we make to our consultation policy will take effect as soon as we publish it and the effective date will be stated on top of this page.

1. Booking a consultation

1.1 Once the creation of your account is approved, you can schedule a consultation with us to discuss the progress of your project. All times listed on our bookings page are Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) whenever daylight saving time is being observed. A consultation can last up to 30 minutes with an additional grace period of 10 minutes if the conversation goes over time. Consultations are only mandatory if you have requested a virtual assistant service.

1.2 All consultations are free once you have paid for the service that you have requested for us to provide, have not rescheduled or cancelled the same consultation twice. You are allowed a maximum of three consultations per project and once you have exceeded this limit, any consultations scheduled thereafter will attract a non-refundable fee of $3. 

1.3 We will send a reminder via email or SMS (if you had selected that option and provided your phone number) 24 hours before the scheduled date of the consultation.


2. Reschedule and cancellation of consultations

2.1 We understand that conflicts, illness and family emergencies may arise. Therefore, you are allowed to cancel or reschedule the consultation up to 24 hours before the scheduled date. The consultation can be cancelled or rescheduled via your account on our website. You can also notify us of your cancellation or reschedule via email.


Please note that scheduling the consultation again after cancelling is considered a reschedule


2.1 If you reschedule the consultation twice, this will attract a fee of $5. We will notify you of this fee via email and the meeting details will not be sent until this fee is paid. 

2.3 If you will be late for the consultation, please notify us at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time via email, live chat or the contact form on our website. Failure to notify us will result in additional time not being given for the consultation. For example, if the consultation is scheduled for 6:00pm - 6:30pm EST and you did not inform us that you would be 10 minutes late, the consultation will not be extended to 6:40pm EST to re-gain the loss time.


2.4 If you will be more than 15 minutes late, we advise that you re-schedule the consultation to allow ample time for discussion. If 15 minutes has passed and you have not joined the consultation or notified us of any difficulties hindering you from joining, we consider it a no-show and we will contact you via email with the next steps. If you are absent from the consultation a second time, scheduling another consultation with us will attract a fee of $5 and the meeting details will not be sent until this fee is paid.

2.5 If the staff member assigned to your project would like to reschedule the consultation, we will notify you of this within 24 hours of the scheduled date. If the staff member asks to reschedule on the day of the consultation, we will assign another staff member to facilitate the consultation. If the staff member was absent or more than 15 minutes late for the consultation, please do not hesitate to notify us about this. 

2.6 If there are any technical difficulties experienced during the consultation, including but not limited to a disruption in internet service and the malfunctioning of device(s), we advise that the consultation be rescheduled. We are not responsible for any loss time due to technical difficulties. 

3. Code of conduct during consultations

3.1 All consultations are strictly for discussing matters related to your project. Therefore, we strongly discourage conversations about political views, sensitive information (see 1.4 in Privacy Policy), gender, sexual orientation, intrusive personal questions, activism and the promotion of violence or any illegal acts. Verbal abuse, including discriminatory and sexual remarks, is not permitted. The staff member or client reserves the right to end the consultation if either party continues conversations of the aforementioned nature. In such instance, the affected party must file a report to us via email outlining the details of the incident. In extreme cases, the service with the client may be terminated and a refund issued in accordance with our Refund Policy.

3.2 Turning on your camera during the consultation is not required, but if you choose to, please ensure that you are appropriately dressed (business casual is preferred). While we understand that you cannot control everything in your environment, please keep background noise and distractions to a minimal. 

3.3 To prevent any unauthorized access to the consultation, take note of the following:

  • if you have requested a service on behalf of a group or organization, please send us the names of the persons who will be attending the consultation prior to the scheduled date

  • if you are the sole owner of the project, do not share the meeting invite with other parties 

  • use your name that you provided on the quote form

  • at the beginning of your consultation, you are required to confirm the tracking number of your order

3.4 If you would like the consultation to be video/audio recorded, you must inform us of this prior to the scheduled consultation and this will only be approved if the staff member assigned to your project agrees. Otherwise, you are strictly prohibited from recording video or audio of the consultation. You are allowed to have access to the notes that were transcribed during the consultation by our staff member.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via live chat, the contact form on our website or email.

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